Translation of audio-video materials

Translation of audio-video materials offers quality translation of audio-video material. team translates audio-video files without machine and automated programs, which results in high quality considering the stylistic and terminological requirements.

The cost of translation depends on the language requested by the customer, the speed of speech in the original file, the sound quality, volume, recording time and speed of order execution, so the cost of each order is calculated individually. team keeps operational deadlines and offers the following services:

  • Professional translation of any kind of audio-video material, subtitles;
  • Translation of various genres of video clips, animations and full-length films (feature, documentary, educational);
  • Translation of commercials and reports;
  • Translation of educational programs, webinars, master classes and business trainings;
  • Translation of seminars and conferences;
  • Translation of presentations and lectures;
  • Translation of video instructions, audio courses, audio presentations and audio books;
  • Translation of court hearings and interviews;
  • Decryption / transcription of audio recordings.

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